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The Parent Place utilizes peer education — meaning our professionally trained staff are parents themselves and quite often their gender, life experiences or ethnicity is specific to the clients they are serving.

Court Advocacy
A court advocate is available to assist any relative caregivers in obtaining Legal guardianship of minor children in Sangamon County. The Advocate is at the courthouse on Mondays 8:45 -10:15, and is available for appointments/walk-in clients at The Parent Place Office. This service includes information and referrals for other caregiver resources and is provided free of charge.

Relatives As Parents Network (RAPN)

RAPNWhat: Educational support group meetings for all relative caregivers of minor children, including a free lunch and occasional respite activities.
When: Please call The Parent Place for the current schedule.
Where: The Parent Place, 314 S. Grand Avenue West
For more information, call 753-8730 x102

Why should you join us for at a RAPN meeting? Here are ten of them!
1. Education and discussion on topics relevant to relative caregivers
2. Referrals to community resources
3. Professional speakers
4. Entitlement education and assistance
5. Respite Opportunities
6. Children's support services
7. Practical answers and discussion on common parenting questions
8. Peer interaction
9. Information about free community events
10. Food and fun!

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Tantrums Workshop

A FREE two hour workshop which focuses on managing meltdowns in public and private. Light snacks and door prizes are provided to all participants. Call The Parent Place for registration.

1-2-3 Magic

A FREE two hour workshop which focuses on getting children to stop specific behaviors (tantrums, whining, pouting and fighting) and provides practical & simple tools to use when disciplining children ages 2 - 10. Light snacks and door prizes are offered to all participants. Call The Parent Place for registration.

Potty Training Workshop

A FREE two hour workshop which focuses on effective potty training methods. Light snacks and door prizes are offered to all participants. Call The Parent Place for registration.

Individualized Family Coaching (IFC)

The Parent Place offers Individualized Family Coaching (IFC) to parents searching for a service that is focused on their family and it's specific needs. IFC allows the professional staff at The Parent Place to design individualized education and support services based on a family's unique challenges. All parents experience conflict within their family. Additional stressors, such as developmental stages, divorce, loss of a loved one, transitions, medical situations, etc. greatly impact the day to day life of family members. IFC gives parents the tools to guide their families through difficult times.

IFC sessions are one hour long and are facilitated by professional parent educators. IFC is not mental health counseling it is an educational/support service. Individual or co-parenting sessions are available. The Parent Place offers a diverse staff of men and women to meet the needs of our clients. The fee for services is $36 per hour. Insurance plans are not accepted.

To schedule an IFC session please call The Parent Place at 217-753-8730.
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