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Family MediationMediation provides an opportunity for families to resolve conflict effectively, while eliminating a win/lose situation. Mediation is being used by an increasing number of parents to work out relevant issues in a cooperative process as opposed to a competitive one. Mediation is a process. The process is most successful with couples who remain child focused.

You should keep in mind that mediation is not marital counseling and it is not legal counseling. It is a process that utilizes the skills of a professional mediator to allow parents the opportunity to negotiate between themselves and resolve family related conflict.

The 4 steps of Mediation include:

1. Setting the stage for mediation – mediation requires a full and complete disclosure of all information relevant to the planning process, including finances and plans for the children.

2. Defining the issues – come prepared to work on the issues you have identified prior to our first session. The mediator will insure that your pre-identified issues are addressed.

3. Processing the issues – the mediator will facilitate the exploration of all possible solutions, obtain the necessary information and direct the negotiation.

4. Resolving the issues – while remaining child focused the best possible solutions will be defined for your child/ren and each co-parent.

Family ArgumentThe mediator will serve as the facilitator of the communication between both parents. They will assist you in clearly identifying your goals and communicating effectively. The Parent Place offers mediation from a child advocate’s perspective, remaining focused on the best interests of your child/ren while facilitating the momentum to move in a forward motion spotlighting the future – not the past – of your family. The mediator does not make any of the decisions for you – that is your job.

At the completion of the mediation session a document entitled a Memorandum of Understanding will be drafted. This is a summary of the work done and agreements reaching in your mediation sessions. Each co-parent will review this document to insure it accurately reflects the agreements reached during mediation, prior to signing. Parents may then share this document with their legal counsel or present it directly to the judge proceeding over their case. (If applicable)

Mediation is a confidential process. Neither the mediator nor their records will be subpoenaed for court proceedings. Information will not be divulged outside of mediation unless required as a licensed mandated reported of child abuse or in the event of threat of personal injury.

The fee for mediation is $125.00 per person for 1.5 hour session. Payment is required at the time of service. Returned payment will incur a $35 service charge.

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